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    Step-Up DC-DC Converter
    PWM Controller
    White LED Driver
    Supervisory Circuit
    Voltage Detection and System R
    USB Power Switch
    Power Factor Control
    Li-Battery Protection or Charg
    FET Bias Controllers
    Combo IC
    Inverting DC-DC Converter
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    Audio Amplifiers
    Operational Amplifier
    Voltage Comparator
• Analog Switches
    Video Signal Switch
    Analog Multiplexers, Demultipl
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• Special Application ICs
    Motor Controller IC
    Interface and Driver Circuit
    Telecommunication Circuit
    Melody IC
    Alarm /Sound Generator IC
    Remote Controller IC
    Television Circuit
    Leakage Current Detector
    Automotive IC
    A-D or D-A Converters
    Radio and Cassette Recorder Ci
    Mouse&Keyboard Controller
    Transient Voltage Suppressors
    Sense Monitor
    Video Filter
    ZCB snubber
• Logic
    Power Mosfet
• SCRs
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New Products
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Product Description Package
1 UC34463 200KHz, 2A PWM buck switching regulator.       SOP-8
2 UM608 constant voltage and constant current controller for battery chargers SOP-8
3 TDA7388 4 X 41W quad bridge car radio amplifier HZIP-25B
4 UH477 single phase dc motor drive ic       SIP-4
5 F1836 low-saturation, two-channel bidirectional motor driver ic  SOP-14
6 UPS1622 high performance current mode power switch DIP-8
7 UU4793 overload monitoring with resistive load,VT = 44.5 mV SOP-8
8 L3010 1A high power led driver with 4.5~40v input SOP-8
9 MJE13007D npn bipolar power transistor for switching power supply applications TO-220
10 MJE13007-M npn bipolar power transistor for switching power supply applications TO-220
11 2SC1623 audio frequency general purpose amplifier npn silicon transistor mini mold SOT-323
12 2SK508   SOT-323
13 14N50 14A, 500V n-channel power mosfet TO-263
14 9N95 9A, 950V n-channel power mosfet  TO-247
15 UTT12P10 100V, 12A P-channel power mosfet  TO-252
16 UTT70P10 70A, 100V P-channel power mosfet TO-220
17 UTT100N08 n-channel enhancement mode power mosfet TO-220
18 UTT120P06 120A, 60V p-channel power mosfet TO-220
19 U74AHCT3G14 schmitt-trigger inverter  TSSOP-8
20 ME7660 charge pump dc-dc voltage converter  SOP-8
21 20N65 20A, 650V n-channel power mosfet TO-247
22 UTT30N08 80V, 30A   n-channel power mosfet TO-252
23 UTT15P06 15A, 60V p-channel power mosfet  TO-252
24 6N65Z 6.2A, 650V n-channel power mosfet TO-220F
25 9N100 9A ,1000V n-channel power mosfet   TO-247
26 SSM3K333R 6A, 30V n-channel power mosfet SOT-23-3
27 10N30 10A, 300V n-channel power mosfet TO-220
28 12N10 12A, 100V n-channel power mosfet TO-252
29 CD4066 quad bilateral switch   DIP-14
30 UF9Z24 12A, 55V p-channel power mosfet TO-220
31 UT9435HZ p-channel enhancement mode   SOP-8
32 6N60Z 6.2A, 600V n-channel power mosfet   TO-220F
33 L1127 ultra-low-noise, high-speed, low-dropout, 300ma linear regulator SOT-25
34 10N60K 10A, 600V n-channel power mosfet   TO-220F
35 3N60Z 3A, 600V n-channel power mosfet  TO-220F
36 8N50H 8A, 500V n-channel power mosfet TO-220F
37 3N65Z 3A, 650V n-channel power mosfet   TO-220F
38 3N50Z 3A, 500V n-channel power mosfet TO-220F
39 UTT16P10   TO-252
40 UTT25N08   TO-252
41 SB160 1.0A schottky barrier rectifier DO-41
42 UUDZ 12B zener diode   SOD-323
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