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LR4XXYY Datasheet

DualLow-Noise200mA LDO  REGULATOR

The UTC LR4XXYY are dual voltage regulator ICs that have
high output voltage accuracy, low dropout, low supply current, and
high ripple rejection. Every Channel of UTC LR4XXYY series
consists of a voltage reference unit and over temperature
protection, simultaneity; also consists of an error amplifier, a
current limit circuit, resistors for setting output voltage, and a chip
enable circuit, respectively. The EN1 and EN2 pins control each
output respectively, When both outputs shutdown simultaneously,
the chip will be turn off and consumes nearly zero operation
current which is suitable for battery-power devices.
The load transient response and line transient response of the
UTC LR4XXYY Series are excellent, so these ICs are suitable for
hand-held communication equipment power supply.
* 200mA Guaranteed Output Current(Each LDO)
* Dual Shutdown Pins Control Each Output  
* 120mV Dropout at 100mA Load
* Current Limiting Protection
* Thermal Shutdown Protection
* Excellent Line/Load Transient
* RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
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