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UC3848 Datasheet


The UTC UC3848 is designed to provide several special
enhancements to satisfy the needs, for example, Power-Saving mode
for low standby power (<0.3W), Frequency Hopping , Constant Output
Power Limiting , Slope Compensation ,Over Current Protection (OCP),
Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Load Protection (OLP), Under
Voltage Lock Out (UVLO), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) , Over
Temperature Protection (OTP) etc. IC will be shutdown or can
auto-restart in situations.  

* Low Startup Current (about 22μA)
* Fixed Switching Frequency(Norm. is 68KHz)
* Frequency Hopping for Improved EMI Performance.
* Lower than 0.3W Standby Power Design
* Linearly Decreasing Frequency to 26KHz During Light Load  
* Soft Start
* Internal Slope Compensation
* Constant Power Limiting for Universal AC input Range
* Gate Output Maximum Voltage Clamp(15V)
* Max Duty Cycle 74%
* Over Temperature Protection
* Overload Protection
* Over Voltage Protection
* Leading Edge Blanking
* Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
* Under Voltage Lock Out
* Short Circuit Protection
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