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UC2843B Datasheet


The UTC UC2843B provides off-line or DC-DC fixed-frequency
current-mode control design with minimum external components.
Internally-implemented circuits include an under-voltage lockout
(UVLO) and a precision reference with accuracy at the error amplifier
input. The UTC UC2843B also contain internal circuits which include
a pulse width modulation (PWM) comparator providing current-limit
control, logic ensuring latched operation, and a totem-pole output
stage designed to source or sink high-peak current. The output
stage is low when it is in off-state condition and suitable for
N-channel MOSFETs driving.
The UTC UC2843B also has following advantages: the start-up
current lower than 0.5mA while the oscillator discharge current is
specified to 8.3mA (Typ.). In UVLO conditions, the output has a
maximum saturation voltage of 1.2V when sinking 10mA@VCC = 5V.
The typical UVLO threshold of the UTC UC2843B is 8.4V (on)
and 7.6V (off) and can operate to duty cycles approximately 100%.

* Current mode operation:500 kHz
* Low start-up current value<0.5mA
* Latching PWM for cycle-by-cycle current limiting
* Trimmed oscillator discharge current
* Automatic feed-forward compensation
* Internally trimmed reference with UVLO
* High-current totem-pole output UVLO with hysteresis
* Double-pulse suppression
* Halogen free  
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